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is a music project, which combines Electronics with elements from Folk and Medieval tunes in a harmonical way.

Grown up with the sounds of the pioneers of electronic music,
like Wendy (former Walter) Carlos, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre,
I realised quite soon, that this influence never would leave me again.

Especially Wendy Carlos sounds played on the Moog synthesizer are still unreached in my opinion.

Most of the time I tried to follow all kind of musical trends
and I was never able to develope my own style.

But after the visit of a medieval market, s.th. happened to me.
I became inspired in an unbelievable way and began to write the first songs
and published some of these tracks on different websites, like mp3.de.

After the magazine Orkus published the song "Celts" in May 2006,
Felyon became more and more popular in the Gothic area.
People wanted more of this sound
and so
two albums were released in the last two years.

"Barddas Novum" 2005
"Schatten der Vergangenheit" 2006

The feedback and encouragement were overwhelming
and motivated in this way, I went on.

Thx for this.

Best Regards

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